About Anna Maria's Italian Jams

My mother AnnaMaria and I immigrated to the US from Torino in the Piemonte region of Italy where our family has been for as many generations as we can trace. Cooking and experimenting with food is a deep family tradition that was even taken professionally by my great-grandfather as a chef for the Savoy Royal Family.

Following Piemontese tradition the summer and fall months are a time to bring out the big stockpots and start canning and making jams. And jams in Piemonte are not just for bread, they are meant to pair with cheeses and yogurts, enhance the flavor of meats and poultry and complete the presentation of cured meats and pâté.

The unexpected jams and marmalades made from vegetables or fruit and liqueur/herb combinations have always been my favorites. Through the winter months the bounty in those jars is the inspiration for sweet or savory cookies, dressings, cakes and luscious chocolates.