For AnnaMaria’s, inspired from its Italian heritage, eating as close to the earth is best.

That means using mounds of fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs and using minimal processing. Artisanal northern Italian cooking methods allow for the main ingredients, herbs, and spices to be the stars of each flavor while greatly decreasing the use of sugar and salt.


Our unique jams pair wonderfully with cheeses and cured meats and can heighten your morning toast or yogurt to a dreamy level. And they have less sugar than most other jams.

Bell Pepper Jam - Anna Maria's Italian Jams

Red Pepper Jam


Strawberry Rose Jam

Radicchio Marmalade - Anna Marias Foods

Radicchio Marmalade

Almond Apricot Jam - Anna Marias Foods

Almond Apricot Jam

Tomato Sauces

Our specialty sauces are thick, rich with flavor and ready to use for your veggies, meats, fish, and pasta. Brilliant taste yet less than half of the salt of other jarred sauces.

Torino Tomato Sauce - Anna Marias Foods

Torino Tomato Sauce

Pinerolo Tomato Sauce - Anna Marias Foods

Pinerolo Tomato Sauce

Milano Tomato Sauce - Anna Marias Foods

Milano Tomato Sauce

Anna Maria's Italian Jams - Red Pepper Vinaigrette

Red Pepper Vinaigrette

Bagnas - Chunky Italian Dip

In Piemonte, we have a tradition of dipping sauces that we use on everything from bread to meats, fish, and veggies. Generous vegetable and herb notes make these sauces compelling new partners to all your chips and to experiment with in your meals.