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Sharing Our Family’s Food Traditions & Recipes


Food traditions are a very special kind of family history, the kind that runs through our veins, if you believe,  like I do, that we are what we eat. They are at the heart of what brings humans together, the enjoyment of special moments over a shared meal.

I inherited my love of food from my mamma, for whom AnnaMaria’s is named, and as she taught me family recipes, we always ended up cooking, laughing and sharing stories. I discovered just how closely every dish is wound up with a cherished family time, a reminiscence of a place or a person, an echo of an experience long time ago.

I wanted to capture these culinary connections so I could pass them on to my own daughter. I started jotting down anecdotes that went along with foods, or maybe dishes that went along with memories, and this blog was born. I hope you enjoy the stories and the recipes.

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