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Sharing Our Family’s Food Traditions & Recipes


Food traditions are a very special kind of family history, the kind that runs through our veins, if you believe,  like I do, that we are what we eat. They are at the heart of what brings humans together, the enjoyment of special moments over a shared meal.

I inherited my love of food from my mamma, for whom AnnaMaria’s is named, and as she taught me family recipes, we always ended up cooking, laughing and sharing stories. I discovered just how closely every dish is wound up with a cherished family time, a reminiscence of a place or a person, an echo of an experience long time ago.

I wanted to capture these culinary connections so I could pass them on to my own daughter. I started jotting down anecdotes that went along with foods, or maybe dishes that went along with memories, and this blog was born. I hope you enjoy the stories and the recipes.

The Surprising Health Benefits of Sunchokes

Sunchokes hold a special place in my heart. Called “Topinambur” in Italy, such a fabulous Italian word, they are a popular treat in my native Piemonte.

Bagna Cauda: Piemontese Style Vegetables in Vinaigrette Sauce

Bagna cauda is a warm, punchy “vinaigrette” used to brighten up vegetables, potatoes, meats and bread. It is made with olive oil, garlic, and anchovies steeped in vinegar and kept warm. 

Celebrating the Versatile Vinaigrette

Vinaigrettes aren’t just for salads – they have unbound potential with a little kitchen creativity! They are incredibly easy to make and add vibrant life to your everyday meals.

Einkorn Wheat: How an Ancient Grain Could Let You Enjoy Bread Again

So, you love baked goods, but your body doesn’t like all that gluten? Try baking with Einkorn Wheat.

Finding Sweet Balance with the Classic Italian Jam Crostata

When it comes to sweets in Italy, less is more. The Italian crostata is rich with just the right touch of sweetness.

My Einkorn Wheat Panettone Recipe Journey

Panettone is the traditional Christmas Italian sweet bread. It’s aromatic, moist. This Einkorn recipe is amazing, yet low in gluten.

Our Holiday Pasta Recipe: Tri-Color Harvest Gnocchi

Gnocchi is a fresh Italian pasta made with potatoes. Try our easy to make Tri-Color Harvest Gnocchi with your favorite sauce.

All I Want for Christmas is… Fresh Pasta!

Traditionally, Italian families and friends gather together and put everyone to work on one big project: the Christmas ravioli. 

What is Bollito? A Practical Piemontese Winter Favorite

A classic example of the resourcefulness of the people of Piemonte is the famous bollito misto, you’ll love our recipe.

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